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Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving November 25, 2010

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Give Thanks Table with RunnerThanksgiving is a day of remembrance. A day to remember the past year’s events. A day to remember the people in your life — family and friends. A day to thank God for what he has done and the many blessings he has given us.

Sure, Thanksgiving is often associated with food and eating, but the real reason for the food is to celebrate, with the people who gather with you around that Thanksgiving table, all of the blessings that we have received throughout the year. Granted, not all of your family or friends may be with you on Thanksgiving Day, but you certainly are aware of them and are no less thankful for them in their absence – possibly more thankful because they are absent. That is certainly true in my case — both for family members and for close friends who are not here.

On this Thanksgiving Day I have much to be thankful for — more than I deserve. Much more than I would have expected. A lot has happened this year, not all of it good nor pleasant, but the lion share has been very good. I have no reason to complain and have every reason to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Failure to Post November 21, 2010

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Hello, my name is Matsu and I am an inconsistent blogger. I haven’t posted anything in four months.

I feel like I should begin with that confession as it has been far too long since I have logged into my blog site, much less posted anything new. I almost feel guilty about it, not because I have something important to say that the world has missed out on reading or learning about, but instead because of the number of visits I get each day — far more than I would have ever expected. It’s embarrassing that I am not providing new content for the many readers who check in from time to time.

I have failed to keep up a reliable schedule of posting new content the past couple of years for several reasons, but mostly it’s because of a sharp increase in all that I must do at work (both reading and writing) and a significant change in my personal life. Ironically, it seems that while I have pulled away from this blog site (neglecting my responsibilities for its care and feeding), I have done the same thing with many of my other relationships. It is almost like I have had a caseĀ  of Rip Van Winkle — only I’ve been sleepwalking through life, instead of sleeping under a tree in the woods.

Right now I have 23 different blog posts in various stages of pre-post drafts. All of them are from this year. That’s 23 blog posts I’ve started but not finished and published. For some reason I just wasn’t ready or wasn’t willing to post them. It’s time I change that. It’s time for me to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s time for me to reengage life. I think I’m ready. At least I am ready to try.

Hello, world. Today is a good day to be alive. And, to my readers, I’ll be back very soon. Much sooner than four months from now.

A mature perspective on aging February 28, 2009

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b-day-cupcakeThis is my birthday month. I was so busy (as was everyone else I know), I did not do anything on my birthday. Birthdays become less and less celebrated as I get older. As I look back on this month I am aware of two things. First, I didn’t do much writing on my blog (well, I didn’t do any writing, at least not here – all of my writing energies went to a huge writing project at work). And, second, I do not feel as old as I am.

Each year I get older. Yet, as time passes I do not feel old or even older. I realize that I am not as energetic as I used to be when I was twenty years old. And, I do not remember things as sharply as I used to when I was thirty. But, I really do feel pretty much the same as I did when I was in my twenties and thirties. I feel like I could be in my twenties or thirties.

This feeling is not all bad. And, I should confirm that it’s not a case of denial. I am simply saying that I feel like I am just as young as I have always been and not any older than I was 20 or 30 years ago. My body is obviously older. But my mind and soul feels the same. And, I do not consider people who are 5 or 10 years older than I am to be all that old. I almost think of them as young. That’s what happens as you get up in years. Those “old” people who are 30 or 40 no longer look old. In fact, as you pass through those years, they become younger and younger.

I can’t wait until I turn 70. Then I will finally begin to feel like I’m growing up! Now, I’d better figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

See your reflection in others July 2, 2008

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Dr. Bacchus ReflectionIt is interesting how much one learns of themselves by interacting with others. Yes, by interacting with people around you it helps you see yourself better and therefore you end up knowing yourself.

In the past several years I’ve worked with a person who has brought into focus the amount of influence my upbringing has affected my personality and character. I grew up in Japan. In fact, I spent most of the first 18 years of my life there, with the exception of three times when we lived in America for a year each time while on furlough. Well, the oriental influence on me is inescapable. And, this co-worker has been like a highly reflective mirror and given me a better view of myself and how I’ve been shaped by the oriental influences of my childhood.

One of the characteristics of oriental society is subtle communication. So, when I saw this photo posted on the Kyoto Daily Photo blog, I laughed out loud. It typifies how subtle the Japanese people can be, and by extension, how I am at times. The theme for the July 1st daily photo blog photos is “no.” The assignment is to take photos of signs that say “no” or “not permitted.” So, the photo of a walking path of large stepping stones with a single smaller stone sitting atop the first step means, “do not enter,” in the social language of Japan. That is a wonderful example of how small and subtle communication is in Japan — and while it’s subtle, I find it also to be crystal clear and almost obvious. But, that’s just because I think in those same terms.

So, thank you Bert for giving me a better view of myself and through that awareness, making this photograph that much more meaningful and amusing.

Disclaimer: The photo used in this post has nothing to do with the Kyoto Daily Photo blog. I wanted to use the stone path photo, but I didn’t have permission. Therefore, I found a good friend’s photo on the Wilmore Daily Photo blog site and used it without his permission. Hey, what is a friend going to do, sue me? Oh, oh! He seems to be tight with the local police. Maybe I should reconsider my attititude!

Poem: Like A River June 24, 2008

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Like A River

It runs deep, the calm surface concealing what lies beneath.
Big and broad and visible to all but no one is able to see.

There is no escape, caught in its grip, fighting the effect of retreat.
A child, impatient and persistent, intractably invading my sleep.

Ignore it I cannot, confront it I dare not, for fear it will consume me.
Pain is that river, a pain endlessly fed by all that I cannot speak.






The trip was great but then a bug knocked me out February 1, 2008

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RX ImageThe business trip to Florida was by far the most sucessful business trip of my entire life. Yes, it by far exceeded all expectations and took us in directions we had not planned. It was truly amazing how everything came together so well. In the days and weeks ahead the details of that trip will become known where I work, so if you work for me or with me, be patient. You will eventually know all.

On the afternoon of the second day I began to really feel yucky. My body ached and I started to develop a cough. Then, on the late night plane flight back home I could tell I was running a fever. By the time I was home (arriving after midnight) I felt like I was fighting a full blown case of the flu. I slept for much of the next day, but had to make an appearace at work in the afternoon for an emergency meeting. After that, I went home and back to bed. I’ve pretty much been there ever since.

Now that it’s the start of the weekend, I can continue to get lots of rest. January was a very stressful and difficult month both at work and at home. So, the chance to shut down and rest is welcome… and very much needed.

Hey, it’s time for my next dose of Zicam. Later!