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Hallelujah Chorus – Flash Mob Meets Mall Food Court December 24, 2010

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In the spirit of the season… namely the surprising manner
in which the Christ child was brought into this world, I share the
following video where a choir surprises unsuspecting shoppers
getting a quick bite at a mall food court.
What a great
way to share the message of the season. Merry Christmas,


Books for Christmas? December 24, 2010

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Believe it or not, there is a viral video on the net showing a little boy opening his presents last Christmas and he was none too happy about what he found. Below is that video…

Can you believe that? Well, this week the little boy’s mom appeared on the NBC Today Show (in the United States) to explain that her son actually likes books. He likes to read, his parents like to read to him, and they go to the library all the time.

When you are 3 or 4 years old and you are expecting some cool new toy, the sight of a book could be a slight disappointment, at least for some kids. I’d love to get books for Christmas, at any age.

Random Act Of Christmas November 28, 2010

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A close friend told me about this amazing event and when I watched it I had to shared the video recording of it with all of you.

It’s a recording of the Philadelphia Opera Company and a LOT of volunteer choirs meeting up, flash mob style, at the Macy’s department store to sing the Hallelujah Chorus. Watch it. It will start to put you in the mood for Christmas.

Last Thoughts of the Year December 31, 2009

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This will be my last blog post of the year 2009. And, if it wasn’t for the WordPress App on my iPhone, I wouldn’t be able to submit and publish this last post because where I am I can’t use my laptop and there is no WiFi network or Internet access. This is all being done with my iPhone.

This has been an especially difficult year for many people, including myself. Much of my stress was work related, which is of course a blessing because I have a job (unlike many millions of people around the world). And, while it has been a difficult year, I have learned some valuable lessons and have seen people get back to the essentials of life.

One of the lessons is that you should be kind to everyone you come into contact with because you never know what they are going through. I know that when I’ve struggled this past year a kind word from a friend or coworker has really picked up my spirits and encouraged me. While I have not always done that myself (intentionally taking a minute to encourage someone with a kind word or action), I intend to make it a priority this coming year.

To state it in a more formal way, I resolve to be a kinder and more understanding person who takes time to help others and encourage everyone I come into contact with.

{Someone is knocking on the cabin door… I will be right back.}

Okay, it looks like I’ve just had my first test. Just as I finished writing my New Year’s resolution I had a neighbor stop by and ask me if he could “borrow” a roll of toilet paper. He and his friends are renting a cabin next door to my cabin and they ran out of toilet paper. So, as you might guess, I had a spare roll and gave him one. I even smiled and wished him and his friends a Happy New Year.

It’s nice to know that in this self-centered and self-absorbed age where everyone seems to be focused on their own happiness that we can still help each other.

I challenge you, dear reader, to look for opportunities to help someone, whether it be friend or stranger. It will make a difference for us all. And, you will be glad you did.

Good bye, 2009! Welcome to Earth, 2010!

Happy New Year, everyone! See you on the other side.

Oh Baby, it’s cold outside! December 22, 2008

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This morning the outdoor temperature is 3 degrees Fahrenheit. And, there is a wind, so when you factor in the extra cold, the wind chill temperature is -12 degrees Fahrenheit. THAT’s cold!

It’s Christmas in August… the new iMacs arrive! August 22, 2007

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New iMac Slim

You would not believe the commotion the new iMac “Slim” created in my department when the first shipment arrived yesterday. (Do you call it iMac Slim or iMac Silver?)

I was in the conference room working when one of my staff walked in hugging a largish brown cardboard box. In tow was about 10 of his fellow IT guys and gals who knew what was in the box. They had come down to unbox the new iMac where they could all see it and experience the moment, together.

New iMac Slim with Friends

Recognizing the magnitude of this historic moment, I reached for my digital camera, but I had taken it out of my laptop bag the other day, so I swooped up my cell phone and snapped this photo of the team of Apple fans as they posed with their new best friend.

I should also point out that Chris J. Davis is standing to the right, just outside the frame. He did not want people to know he was part of this event. I thought about drawing him in with a pencil, but decided to grant him his wish and leave him out of the photo so nobody would know he was there.

(Note: I decided to make the second photo a black & white pic. It just looked better without color.)