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Rest in Peace, Steve October 5, 2011

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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011) passed away today. The co-founder and long time CEO of Apple Computer succumbed to illness after a two year battle with cancer.


Which drink goes best with data loss? July 15, 2011

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I just read this article and it made me laugh (as well as think about my own data backup and disaster recovery plans), so I had to share it with everyone else.

The premise is, if your data center melts down and you don’t have good backups (or they were all in the data center and either a flood or fire or both destroyed everything), what drink goes best with that situation?

You can find the article here:  http://www.unitrends.com/blog/tips-for-handling-data-loss/

So, which drink do you think goes best with a data center disaster where there is a complete loss of data?

On second thought, maybe it’s best to avoid a data center disaster by having a well planned backup process where there is virtually no risk of ALL data being destroyed (because you used all of the best practices for backups, off site storage, disaster recovery and business continuity). Then you can drink to the fact that you prevented the demise of the organization or company you work for by either having no down time at all (redundant data centers) or minimal down time with no data loss at all. THAT is something really worth drinking to! Cheers!

MacWorld without Apple? December 16, 2008

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Yes, it’s a little strange to think of it, but Apple announced that the MacWorld Conference in January 2009 will be their last one.

What will this mean for the must anticipated and often exploited (by Apple) product announcements each year at MacWorld? Is this also the end of the Steve Jobs show and big product announcements? Or, will he just perform them for a closed audience of invited guests and media as he needs to roll out new products in the future? Probably so.

What affect will Apple’s absence have on the MacWorld conference? It will most likely kill it. If not immediately, it will die in less than two years. How can I say that? Do you remember that there used to be a MacWorld conference on the East coast? Do you remember what happened when Apple had a disagreement with the conference organizers and so Apple pulled out? Well, that conference quickly died. So will the West coast MacWorld conference.

Here’s what Cnet wrote about that event:

IDG and Apple have had a rocky relationship in the past. Apple used to participate in far more Macworld events than the San Francisco event, and a rift developed between the companies when IDG made the decision to move the Macworld event in New York to Boston, near the company’s Framingham, Mass., headquarters. Apple promptly pulled out of that event, and the East Coast Macworld was canceled in 2005 due to lack of interest without the star attraction.

Gone are the days of Apple trade shows and announcements for the rest of us.

Form your own opinions – be an eye witness November 30, 2008

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One of the more remarkable benefits of modern technology, especially video on demand and live video over the Internet, is the ability to hear and see the news event first hand so we can formulate an educated opinion. We are no longer hostage to a single (or group) of reporters trying (but failing) to give an unbiased overview of a speech or public event. In today’s media rich world everything is recorded and most of that content winds its way to the Internet. Much of it on YouTube. That, I think, is a remarkable thing that promotes opportunities for people everywhere to be truly informed and less influenced by any particular news organization.

What reminded me of this emerging fact is a video I just stumbled across through a post in Twitter. It’s a speech by Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, at a keynote session of a New America Foundation conference. Schmidt gives a review of where we are and were we can go of we put our minds to it. Being the head of one of the most progressive and successful Internet companies should at least cause us to wonder what he might have to say, but having heard most of it (before pausing to write this post) I can say that it will certainly make you think. I don’t say I agree with everything he says, but he has some provocative ideas and promotes a positive future.

YouTube Video of Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, keynote address at the New America Foundation (Nov. 2008)

The times have changed… November 2, 2008

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The Times Are Changing

The Times Are Changing

Today is when people all across America change their clocks back an hour. Time is literally changing, but I want to also point out the other changes that have been happening at this time.

I can’t help but be amazed at how much has changed in the past 4 to 6 weeks. It has been about six weeks since I wrote this post about the average price of gas hitting a record $4.00 per US gallon and the shortages that were caused by the hurricane hitting the Texas coast. Now, only a little over a month later, the price of gas has dropped to half that price, or less. The other day I saw regular unleaded gasoline for only $1.98 per gallon (US). That’s the lowest it has been in years. Which is certainly good news.

In this same period we have seen the US Congress approve a massive bailout plan for financial institutions hit by the mortgage defaults and credit crunch. Then the New York stock exchange has plunged to half its value and rebounded slightly.

The rapid pace of these changes will certainly takes its toll on the nation. Not to mention the long term affect of the economic crisis and the ever-present problem of dependency on foreign sources of oil based fuels. It will be a long time before that changes.

In these difficult times you can at least say, “I now have more time.” Because today, if you live in America, you have been given an extra hour. Use it wisely.

Fuel shortage drives increase in telework October 3, 2008

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Working at home

Working at home

Teleworking, the term used to describe working from home through the use of technology, is on the rise in the hardest hit areas of the country. The recent severe gas shortages in Atlanta, Nashville, and Charlotte has caused employers and employees to take a long hard look at ways to avoid the daily commute while maintaining or even increasing productivity.

An article in Network World talks about this workplace phenomenon, including the benefits and pitfalls of adopting telecommuting or teleworking policies. Before you jump in and start providing your employees with the option of working from home you might want to think through the problems and create some clear policies to address potential problems before they arise. To get you started, you should read this TAI article listing the Pros and Cons of teleworking.

If you are serious about starting a teleworking policy for your employees, then you might want to read this post that gives advice on the things that OSHA says you must address before you launch that new work-from-home program. It also includes a boiler-plate agreement that will help you get started on building your own policy.

Also, as you consider the affect that teleworking may have on those who stay home (and their productivity) don’t forget about those workers who still go to the office… here’s an article about that problem.