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About Matsu

Cabin and books photo

Matsu is the Japanese word for pine tree. I grew up in Japan, mostly in Tokyo. The American school I attended named their yearbook the Matsu. I moved to the United States after graduating from high school. I attended college in the U.S. (majored in Psychology) and have lived here (in America) ever since.

For the past 25 years I have worked in the information technology field. I first worked in retail sales and support of computers (Osborne, Kaypro, Apple, Compaq, Zenith, etc.). I cut my teeth on CP/M, MS-DOS, Apple SOS, and ProDOS. Then I got a job working at a state university robotics and manufacturing research center where I learned and supported UNIX workstations and networking. During that time I started a software company that focused on applications for the newspaper industry and wrote several Mac based programs. I also wrote programs for companies that processed marketing information for IBM and in one case, I wrote a program to process the data that came out of mainframe computers and turned that data into useful reports. Eventually, I moved on to become the network manager of a liberal arts college where I managed a major data network overhaul. After six years of being a network manager I moved on to become an IT manager for a small private college, which is what I do today.

My professional interests are in all areas of computer technology (hardware, software, and networking), and business management. While I really enjoy working with technology by far my greatest job satisfaction comes from working with people. My hobby and creative outlet is photography.

I learned to take pictures on a Canon AE-1 when I was in high school. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up volunteering to work on the high school yearbook (the Matsu) where I learned to develop my own film and make my own prints. Of course, I learned everything I know about photography from one of my best friends, Dan Sims. Thanks, Dan!

It’s not possible to put a lifetime of relationships and experiences into a few short paragraphs, so let me end by saying that I am married and have two children, the oldest of which recently graduated from college.

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