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Happy New Year! January 11, 2009

Posted by Matsu in Random.

Happy New Year

Wow, where has the time gone? The calendar has “rolled over” and we are now living our lives and cataloging our activities in the year known as 2009.

I have not said a whole lot on my blog in the past month, though I’ve been thinking a lot. I guess that some times I just want to keep my thoughts to myself. Not that they are all that private and my guess is you would not find them all that profound (don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything).

This year I have some goals, but I’ve decided to forgo the usual tradition of crafting “resolutions.” I had three New Years Resolutions last year. I didn’t meet them all. Oh, well. I guess they automatically roll over into this new year as leftovers. That’s okay with me. I will make them goals and work on them, still. They were good last year and I still think they are worth pursuing, so I will do just that.

Maybe next year I’ll have a whole new set of resolutions for the year 2010. Whoa! Next year is 2010. That sounds a lot like a sci-fi movie. (Okay, I know. It was.)

Cheers, everyone. I hope that 2009 is a great year for us all.



1. Moose - January 12, 2009

And also for you!

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