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Oh Baby, it’s cold outside! December 22, 2008

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This morning the outdoor temperature is 3 degrees Fahrenheit. And, there is a wind, so when you factor in the extra cold, the wind chill temperature is -12 degrees Fahrenheit. THAT’s cold!


Amusing Sushi Bar Etiquette Video December 17, 2008

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A friend posted a link to this YouTube video on Facebook.

If you have ever lived in Japan you will pick up on all of the hidden meanings behind it, but even if you have never even visited Japan you should pick up on much of the humor. Trust me, this is a very satirical look at the Japanese sushi bar.

Disclaimer: Please don’t believe what you see in this video or use this actually learn proper sushi etiquette. If you do, you are totally on your own!

MacWorld without Apple? December 16, 2008

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Yes, it’s a little strange to think of it, but Apple announced that the MacWorld Conference in January 2009 will be their last one.

What will this mean for the must anticipated and often exploited (by Apple) product announcements each year at MacWorld? Is this also the end of the Steve Jobs show and big product announcements? Or, will he just perform them for a closed audience of invited guests and media as he needs to roll out new products in the future? Probably so.

What affect will Apple’s absence have on the MacWorld conference? It will most likely kill it. If not immediately, it will die in less than two years. How can I say that? Do you remember that there used to be a MacWorld conference on the East coast? Do you remember what happened when Apple had a disagreement with the conference organizers and so Apple pulled out? Well, that conference quickly died. So will the West coast MacWorld conference.

Here’s what Cnet wrote about that event:

IDG and Apple have had a rocky relationship in the past. Apple used to participate in far more Macworld events than the San Francisco event, and a rift developed between the companies when IDG made the decision to move the Macworld event in New York to Boston, near the company’s Framingham, Mass., headquarters. Apple promptly pulled out of that event, and the East Coast Macworld was canceled in 2005 due to lack of interest without the star attraction.

Gone are the days of Apple trade shows and announcements for the rest of us.

Practice Poll – Tell me your favorite season December 5, 2008

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WordPress acquired a simple web polling product called Poll Daddy (sound familiar? GoDaddy?) and released it on WordPress.com for all of their bloggers to try out. So, I’m trying it out.

This is one of the pre-designed polling templates they provided:

What do you think of the polling software? Impressed? Not so impressed? And, what do you think the distribution for the answers will be? Evenly distributed (25% for each season)? Or, do you think that winter will get frozen out and people won’t choose it as much as they will summer, spring, and fall?

I guess we will see over time, as visitors answer the poll. If you haven’t, please give it a try so I can have some real data to work with.