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USA Gas Price Heat Map September 21, 2008

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This is an interesting way to display the cost of gasoline across the United States. It’s the “heat map” for gas prices broken down by county and displayed by color.As you can see, Georgia, Illinois, and Michigan are the “hottest” which means they are currently paying the most for the price of a gallon of gasoline.

The red areas represent gas prices that are $4.00 (US) or higher. What this doesn’t show are areas that are out of gas, like in the Atlanta area right now. (See comments posted by an Atlanta residents here.) Also, according to this news report, as high as 85% of the Nashville area gas stations are out of gas. And, this news report states that Nashville may not return to normal gas levels for another week. THAT is a shortage!

Gas Price Heat Map

Gas Price Heat Map

To view the current (up to date) map, just click on the map, or click here.



1. Moose - September 21, 2008

One of the places I am interviewing this week is just outsdie of Phillidelphia, so this is a good sign for me.

2. John A. Jauregui - October 13, 2008

Latest take from Matt Simmons:


3. The times have changed… « Matsu’s World: The One Less Traveled - November 2, 2008

[…] amazed at how much has changed in the past 4 to 6 weeks. It has been about six weeks since I wrote this post about the price of gas hitting a record $4.00 per US gallon and the shortages that were caused by […]

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