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I approve of this speaker… August 27, 2008

Posted by Matsu in Music, Technology.

Tonight is the second night of the U.S. Democratic Party’s national convention. So, in the spirit of politics and political ads, “I approve of this message.”

If you use a laptop computer and you like to play music or watch movies on the laptop, then I’ve got a portable speaker that I highly recommend. The portable external (powered) personal speaker system I recommend is the Saitek A-100 speaker.

There are several reasons I recommend it. The sound it puts out is great, the size is small, and it works well with iPods.

For such a small and relatively simple speaker system, it puts out a lot of sound. Not only do you get volume out of it, you also get a decent bass and mid-range output. For the kind of music I tend to listen to, it works very well. Of course, you don’t need a laptop to take advantage of this speaker system. Lately, I’ve been using my iPod Touch to play music while I am using a loaner computer (which doesn’t have my music library loaded on it). Most of the time, I use the external speaker with my laptop to either watch movies or play music.

The size is ideal.  This portable speaker system is very low profile and relatively small size, about the size of a flattened baked potato. Because of its size and shape, it travels very well in my laptop case, unlike many external speaker systems on the market today.

For power, this speaker will work off of batteries (4 x AAA). It also comes with a power transformer so you can plug it into a normal home AC outlet.

Finally, I need to give credit to the person who selected this speaker as I did not choose it, rather it chose me. This cool technology was a gift from a close friend (Thanks, Don!) and is one of the more practical and frequently used gifts I received this past Christmas.

If you are looking for an external speaker system that sounds good and is very portable, I suggest you puchase one of these.



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