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My homework got lost in India June 26, 2008

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Most of you have heard about all of the technology work and call center work from Western countries moving to India over the past decade. But wait, there’s more! Outsourcing has moved to an all new level. Now you can outsource your programming homework to a person in India. (I sure hope my son is not reading this post.)

A recent Slashdot post pointed readers to this story about students who have been outsourcing their coding homework to people in India. I suppose it was just a matter of time. After all, school papers on all sorts of topics have been available for sale on the Internet for a long time, and a lot of global corporations have been outsourcing their software development to India, why not combine the two?

This is not much different than having your roommate do your homework (for a small fee). With the time differences you can literally send your homework assignment to your “homework buddy” in India before you go to bed and while you sleep the programming homework will be written so when you wake up, you are done!

How many more ways can a person cheat? As long as people are creative, there will always be some new trick. This is just a little more high-tech and international than most.

I wonder if someone in India can write my departmental annual report for me…


Poem: Like A River June 24, 2008

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Like A River

It runs deep, the calm surface concealing what lies beneath.
Big and broad and visible to all but no one is able to see.

There is no escape, caught in its grip, fighting the effect of retreat.
A child, impatient and persistent, intractably invading my sleep.

Ignore it I cannot, confront it I dare not, for fear it will consume me.
Pain is that river, a pain endlessly fed by all that I cannot speak.