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To Canada and back… May 31, 2008

Posted by Matsu in Education, Fun, Technology.

Canadian Flag

This week I have been in British Columbia, Canada. I was attending the annual CCCU Technology conference with two of my colleagues (well, there were a LOT of colleagues, but just two of them work with me — Bert W., and Don H.).

This year Trinity Western University hosted the conference. Steve M. and his helpers did a wonderful job. It was a great trip where lots of fun and professional development took place.

I woke up at 4:00am this morning to begin the long trip home. One of the airline flights ran late, so the trip took longer than expected. I will give a more complete post with a summary of things I learned after I’ve had some sleep. In the mean time, let me say how great it was to see Steve M., Gary H., Rick D., Chris M., Gary F., Judy D. (yup, another shout out to Whitworth!), and so many other friends and colleagues from other CCCU schools. It was also wonderful to make some new friends and welcome some first-time attendees. I hope they got as much out of the conference as I did.

Oh, and before I forget, let me say how much we all missed our good friend and colleague, Scott T. from CBU. We are all glad you are getting better and look forward to seeing you in perfect health, again. You remain in our thoughts and prayers!

Now, I’m off to catch up on some much needed sleep.


Happy (belated) World Telecommunications Day May 24, 2008

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ITU LogoI don’t know how this slipped by me, but last week at this time (May 17th) was the annual World Telecommunications Day. It seems strange to think that it occurred without proper recognition, so while I may be a week late, let me say, “Happy World Telecommunications Day, everyone!”

Why was one week ago, May 17th, chosen to celebrate world-wide telecommunications technology? Because it’s the anniversary date of the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention in 1865. And, because that’s what the United Nations decided to do in General Assembly Resolution 60-252.

So, mark you calendars for next year and remember to celebrate World Telecommunication Day on May 17, 2009.

Four dollars and still going… May 13, 2008

Posted by Matsu in News, News and politics, Random.

Gas sign - pricing by datesYes, today for the first time in my life I paid $4 (US) for a gallon of gasoline. It was actually $4.05 per gallon.

Those of you who live in the same area that I do will wonder why I paid that much since most gas stations are selling regular unleaded gas for only $3.85 or $3.90 (at most). Well, I drive a Mistubishi Galant and the model I own has a V6 engine, which requires the high octane super unleaded gasoline. And, for now, the cheapest price I could find today was just over $4 per gallon. That is the most I have ever paid for a gallon of gasoline.

I guess I’d better get used to it. Or, more accurately, I’d better get used to paying a lot more than $4 per gallon as the price is expected to continue to rise throughout the summer. In fact, we may even see $5 per gallon of gas by August. Ugh! That will be almost twice the price I paid for a gallon of gas a year ago.

My friend Bert insists that the price of oil is being driven up by the weak United States dollar. He argues that if the value of the U.S. dollar were to go higher against the other currencies in the world, then the price per barrel of crude oil could drop as low as $80 (it is at an all-time high of $124 per barrel right now). I don’t know if I really understand that or believe that he’s right, but I would sure like to see it happen just the same. I won’t argue or complain if it does.

This is an interesting sign. Can you guess which year this sign will appear?