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Psst! Hey buddy, can I interest you in a HD-DVD player? February 22, 2008

Posted by Matsu in Microsoft, News, Technology.

Earlier this week Toshiba announced they are discontinuing HD-DVD. Which is their way to acknowledge that the Blu-ray standard won the high definition media wars.


Well, I just received e-mail from one vendor who is trying to unload their warehouse of HD-DVD players. I can’t help but wonder why CompUSA is going out of business.

As soon as the HD-DVD standard was pronounced dead the HD-DVD players became obsolete and almost worthless. I say almost  because you can still play standard (old) DVD’s in it, but other than that its only good for a boat anchor. And, if you don’t own a boat, it’s not even useful for that!

On a related note, I feel a little sorry for Microsoft since they bet on HD-DVD becoming the high definition media standard and included it as an optional add-on for their Xbox 360. That decision makes their high-end product appear out of date.



1. Jeremy - March 21, 2008

i tried to warn everyone 😉 it was inevitable.
they might as well tell you to buy the movies and get the hd-dvd player for free….

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