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The trip was great but then a bug knocked me out February 1, 2008

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RX ImageThe business trip to Florida was by far the most sucessful business trip of my entire life. Yes, it by far exceeded all expectations and took us in directions we had not planned. It was truly amazing how everything came together so well. In the days and weeks ahead the details of that trip will become known where I work, so if you work for me or with me, be patient. You will eventually know all.

On the afternoon of the second day I began to really feel yucky. My body ached and I started to develop a cough. Then, on the late night plane flight back home I could tell I was running a fever. By the time I was home (arriving after midnight) I felt like I was fighting a full blown case of the flu. I slept for much of the next day, but had to make an appearace at work in the afternoon for an emergency meeting. After that, I went home and back to bed. I’ve pretty much been there ever since.

Now that it’s the start of the weekend, I can continue to get lots of rest. January was a very stressful and difficult month both at work and at home. So, the chance to shut down and rest is welcome… and very much needed.

Hey, it’s time for my next dose of Zicam. Later!



1. Moose - February 1, 2008

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. And glad to hear that your business was so successful.


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