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Quick trip to Florida… January 29, 2008

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Right now I’m in Florida (USA) on business. Today started very early — I got up at 4:30am. I had to finish packing and get ready to drive to the airport by around 5:30am. Then, after flying (traveling) all morning, I attended meetings the rest of the day until about 9:30pm. By mid-afternoon I was really tired.

I don’t normally take an afternoon nap, but today I could have used one. Without it I survived and actually stayed engaged in all of the meetings, but it was tough.

Tomorrow, we hit the road at 7:00am and then have meetings until early evening. After that, we head to the airport for a late evening flight back home. I’m already looking forward to reaching my pillow tomorrow night.

The good news is my luggage reached my destination without incident. I trust that it will be true when I go home, though the consequences of not having my luggage won’t be as severe once I get home.

Well, I guess I should sleep fast so I’m rested for tomorrow’s meetings.


Great poetry and great illustrations make for a wonderful book January 26, 2008

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Flamingos on the Roof bookOver the weekend I listened to a segment of NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon and Daniel Pinkwater. During the radio show each week they have a recurring segment on children’s books.

Last weekend Daniel Pinkwater reviewed a children’s book of poetry called, “Flamingos on the Roof” by Calef Brown. After hearing them read just a couple of the poems I knew I had to order a copy. I really connected with the author.

After seeing the cover and hearing the reporters describe the illustrations, I knew I would like the art as much as I did the poems. So, I ordered a copy of the book right away.

If you are curious and just want to hear a couple of poems from the book, you can go over and read about this segment of NPR’s Weekend Edition and see for yourself why that got me hooked. On that web page you can click on the “listen now” button to hear the recording of that broadcast. Enjoy!

Is this a WordPress.com image bug? January 21, 2008

Posted by Matsu in Open Source, Software, Weblog, WordPress.

MySQL Logo 2Last week I wrote this blog post about Sun’s decision to buy MySQL. I included an image of the MySQL logo as part of that post. Only, today it’s an image of an infant in a high chair! Huh?

I went back to my photo library (in WordPress.com) and confirmed that the MySQL logo image was still there and was still correct. Then, I went back and looked at the image name in my older post and it was correct. But, when I put that logo image into this post, it shows the child, again! Something is very messed up with WordPress.com images! I had to reload the image and name it “MySQL Logo 2” for it to work correctly.

So, what gives WordPress.com? Are you now randomizing photos in the blogs to make things more interesting?Kid photo

Note: When I published this post the MySQL logo image reverted back to what it should be and the child in the high chair disappeared! But when I go to edit it goes back to the kid image. So, I did a screen capture so you can see the kid I’m seeing. Right now it’s switching back and forth for no good reason.


Unlocking the mysteries of Steelcase January 19, 2008

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Steelcase file cabinetA friend of mine recently asked for my help in figuring out how to remove the drawers from a Steelcase filing cabinet. They needed to move it and because of its weight, they had to remove the drawers.

The first thing I thought to recommend was to try the “rocker” approach to file cabinet drawer removal. You know the drill… pull the drawer all the way out then pull up on the front so the wheels come out of the rails then pull it out more so the back wheels of the drawer can come out the same way. Only, it turned out the model of Steelcase filing cabinet my friend had didn’t have wheels. Instead, it had ball barrings.

Next, I suggested looking for a rocker lever on the bottom or back of the drawer. In a previous job we purchased all new furniture for a 60,000 square foot building and it was all made by Steelcase. So, I thought that it might be constructed in a similar way as that furniture. It turned out that upon very close inspection there was no lever or button or rocker arm or latch at the back, bottom, or side of the drawer or rails.

Finally, I suggested looking on the inside of the drawer, not knowing where else one could look for a release latch to allow the drawer to slide free of the rails. While I was saying that my friend proclaimed that they may have found the secret. It turned out they discovered a latch on side panels of each drawer near the front of the file cabinet drawer and releasing it allowed the drawer to be removed. Very clever, Steelcase!

With that bit of office furniture mystery solved and the first drawer removed a second problem arose. How do you get the second and subsequent drawers out if the filing cabinet has the safety feature that only one drawer can be open at a time. Well, my friend figured out that piece of the puzzle as well. They found a round white plastic wheel with spokes that when turned it released the locking mechanism allowing the remaining drawers to open so that they could also be removed. Very, very clever.

If you want a puzzle to solve, forget buying a Rubik’s cube, buy a Steelcase filing cabinet instead! It takes a very clever person to solve it.

Sun acquires MySQL January 17, 2008

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MySQL LogoWhoa! Is this press release for real? Did Sun Microsystems really buy the worlds most popular open source database company? Well, close enough.

They have announced an agreement that was struck to buy MySQL AB, the company that develops MySQL, for a cool $1 billion dollars, US.

This could be very interesting and possibly not all good. It reminds me a lot of Novell’s acquisition of Suse (and Suse Linux). That didn’t turn out too badly, but it did cause me to wonder what would happen to the many open source applications and Linux distribution made by Suse. So far, I don’t think Novell’s acquisition of Suse has negatively impacted the open source projects. Maybe that will also be true for Sun’s acquisition of MySQL.

To learn more, you can watch this video where the head of both companies talk about their plans and what it might mean for MySQL users.

Apple rumors spawn fake MacWorld keynote address January 14, 2008

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Yes, you can see all of the latest Apple product announcements, or at least rumored announcements, at this blog site. The author (Graham Bailey) even recorded a Steve-Jobs-like-keynote and includes it in his blog post. It’s amusing, to say the least. Check it out!

And, for some more serious AiR (AppleĀ  iRumors) go over and read this BusinessWeek article.