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The ebb and flow of life… September 18, 2007

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I have been blogging for just under two years (yes, I’m still new at this). I’ve noticed from reading many other blogs that it is natural for the level of blogging to recede over time, then it can pick up again. The frequency of blogging, or lack of blog posts, is often indicative of what is happening in the life of that blogger. When their work or personal life demands more of their time and attention, the level of blogging goes down. As the stress of life increases and the level of fatigue goes up, the number of days between posts also goes up. That’s expected.

If I tell you the past few months have been especially stressful and difficult you will not be surprised as I have not been very active on this blog site. Both my work and personal lives have been occupying all of my time and energy. I am hopeful that sometime this fall (or winter) things will settle in enough that I will once again have time to invest in this site. I do not plan to blog about personal things, so you won’t read about my personal life here, but you can expect me to post a lot more about things that interest me professionally — primarily related information technology management.

One thing that’s new in my life which I look forward to writing about is a class I’m teaching this fall. I’m teaching a management of information systems (MIS) class to college students majoring in business. I’ve only been teaching it for a few weeks, so we are still covering the foundational material, but as it progresses I’m certain it will spark more than a few thoughts that I will share with you all through a blog post or two.

I would be interested in graphing the highs and lows in the life of the blogger and see if the number of blog posts correspond to that graph line. I suppose in some cases it could be the exact opposite — as the stresses of life go up or as one’s work and personal lives get to be more challenging the number of blog posts could go up because of the therapeutic nature of writing. Hmmm. Maybe I should see if I could get a research grant to properly look into this potential phenomenon. I’m sure the U.S. government would be glad to fund such research.



1. Moose - October 22, 2007

ooo… can you share your sylabus?

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