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Touch-screen video iPods… September 4, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Apple, Information Technology, Mac, Technology.

The rumors are flying on the eve of Apple’s upcoming scheduled product announcement. Tomorrow, September 5, 2007, Apple, Inc. has arranged a product announcement but in normal fashion they won’t say what it is. The most informed guesses include an upgraded iPod with a touch screen display that will borrow from the iPhone user interface.

I imagine the new iPod “TS” will look a lot like an iPhone, but it won’t be able to make/receive calls. For many people that will satisfy them as they really don’t want to (or can’t easily) change cell phone providers or products due to contractual obligations and stiff penalties for early cancellation of their existing contract.

I hope the new iPod will do more than just play music and videos. I hope they throw in wi-fi networking into the new iPod so it can run the iPhone-type Internet browser. That would be very interesting. And, it would be nice if they included synch software that works with an Exchange server so I can use it to keep track of my schedule and maybe read and send e-mail from it. Hey, they could call it the iPod PDA (or just bite the bullet and call it a Newton!).

I guess time (about 12 hours) will tell. I can’t wait to see if Steve Jobs has any surprise announcements in addition to the expected announcement.



1. Hyrum - September 5, 2007

Did anyone catch Chris Davis crying in his cubicle today? 😉

As you may already know, Allie gave birth yesterday to our second son, Parker Scott Rhodes. Check my website for photos.

2. Matsu - September 5, 2007

Hyrum – believe it or not, Chris left work early, today. He was not at work when Apple made the announcement. I think he went home sick because he knew he would BE sick when Apple dropped the price of the iPhone. But, all of us who work in technology KNOW that being first to invest in a product has a steep price… paying top dollar for something that will be better and cheaper only a few months later. That’s just the way it works with new technology or ground-breaking products like the iPhone.

I’m sure we will hear how Chris feels about his iPhone tomorrow.

Congratulations on the birth of your second son. What a great name. I can’t wait to meet him. I’ll let the rest of the department know the good news. Give our best to Allie!

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