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It’s Christmas in August… the new iMacs arrive! August 22, 2007

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New iMac Slim

You would not believe the commotion the new iMac “Slim” created in my department when the first shipment arrived yesterday. (Do you call it iMac Slim or iMac Silver?)

I was in the conference room working when one of my staff walked in hugging a largish brown cardboard box. In tow was about 10 of his fellow IT guys and gals who knew what was in the box. They had come down to unbox the new iMac where they could all see it and experience the moment, together.

New iMac Slim with Friends

Recognizing the magnitude of this historic moment, I reached for my digital camera, but I had taken it out of my laptop bag the other day, so I swooped up my cell phone and snapped this photo of the team of Apple fans as they posed with their new best friend.

I should also point out that Chris J. Davis is standing to the right, just outside the frame. He did not want people to know he was part of this event. I thought about drawing him in with a pencil, but decided to grant him his wish and leave him out of the photo so nobody would know he was there.

(Note: I decided to make the second photo a black & white pic. It just looked better without color.)


Apple overhauls iMac and updates the Mac Mini August 7, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Apple, Information Technology, Mac, Technology.
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Apple iMac - NewBy now you have probably heard about the new iMacs with a fresh new aluminum skin. I have been sitting on a very large (100K) order until I was certain that I could get the new computers and not the model that was selling yesterday. After all, who wants a computer lab full of computers that are discontinued? I don’t! Anyway, with a lot of communication and coordination with our Apple representative, it appears we will be receiving the new iMac computers for all of our new labs before the fall term begins.

If you haven’t read about all of today’s announcements, check out what MacWorld had to say. If Apple does what they have done in the past, then there should be a video recording available for viewing on Apple’s website sometime this evening.

Apple Mac MiniBut wait, that’s not all, there’s more. What didn’t get a lot of press was the new or upgraded Mac Mini computers. They have upgraded the processors to the newer Core 2 Duo from Intel. The new models come bundled with the newly announced and shipping iLife 08, but that’s not a surprise.

Overall, today was a good day. It pretty much went as I had hoped, with the products getting upgraded that I needed (iMac and iLife). Now, if we can just get Apple to ship the new 10.5 (Tiger) operating system, life would really  be good.