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Snapshots of a friend’s wedding July 19, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Friends, Photography.

Not very long ago I attended a good friend’s wedding. Before that day, he asked me to take some photos of the ceremony. Since I have retired from doing wedding photography, I agreed to take my camera to the wedding and take some snapshots while I was there. So, I did.

I am certain I am breaking all sorts of professional wedding photographer codes of conduct by posting anything online before giving the photos to the bride and groom, but here I go…

Rich and Carie’s wedding

Congratulations, Rich and Carie (or should I say, Carie and Rich?). The wedding ceremony was beautiful. I hope you find my snapshots good enough to keep, for a while.

Rich and Carie by candle light

Carie, I will get the entire set of photos to Rich very soon!