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Leaves cover the ground after a freak hailstorm June 6, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Family, News, Random.

I live in one city and work in a different city about 15 miles away. Yesterday, as I was driving home, I noticed that there were millions of leaves on the ground. But, it wasn’t like in the fall when the leaves are piled up because of the wind. Instead, it looked like trees and bushes just simultaneously spontaneously shed about twenty percent of the leaves and they fell straight down. I had never seen anything like it.

Once I arrived home and heard the local news I found out the reason for the ‘leaf phenomenon.’ It turned out that while I was still a few miles from home there was a freak hailstorm that dropped large (up to golf ball sized) hail onto Lexington. The storm passed on as I drove into the city so what I saw was the aftermath of the hailstorm. The hail caused leaves to break free from the trees and fall straight down (there must not have been much wind). After I heard that I went back outside and studied some of the leaves in my front yard. Yup, many of them were cut in half, as if they were ripped from the tree.

Strange, don’t you think?



1. scott william - June 18, 2007

yea, we’ve had it alot in louisville; I run projects for K&P Roofing, and you would not beleive how the roofs look every several years. Here we come, Lexington.

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