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Choosing the best operating system May 21, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Apple, Information Technology, Mac, Microsoft, Open Source, Windows/Microsoft.

The Knight guarding the Holy Grail told Indiana Jones (and those with him) to, “Choose wisely.” That is good advice, not only when trying to pick a holy cup from among dozens of cups, but also when picking an operating system.

To help people ‘choose wisely’ the magazine, PC Advisor, recently published this article which includes a comparison chart of the three desktop (as opposed to server) operating systems.



1. TRUSTWORTHYPOOH - May 23, 2007

I am 67 years old and a recent [10 year] immigrant to Geeky-Cyber World. This sort of article is helpful but some of us are so technically challenged andlame that we need to have even more advise. Maybe a teutonic knight…”Buy that install this , shut up and get out your credit card”
I was in my teens before I s aw my first (good) television picture, at 18 I was an electronics tech in the US Navy (all vaccuum tubes, no solid state) so, I am not a moron…..but….should these systems not work as intuitivley as , let’s say, an automobile?? The starter starts the car.Windows XP ‘START’ does everthing but start ,including shut down (STOP) . maybe some techno-person though :”WIZARD” sounded cool, but, I would choose “Installation helper” or some-such instead. I am really busy trying to figure out I_pods and Zoon not to mention my cell phone and my DVD player. I know that Blue Toothe was a viking or Saxon king that united everone under the same tongue and religeon so presumabley BLUETOOTH does something like that …is my cell phone Bluetooth compatible WHO KNOWS
but MAN I am overwhelmed by my medicare part A,B,C,D etc
and why My PC won’t just plug into my laptop with a USB cable
AND WHY DO I HAVE TO BUY A MODEM FOR BROADBAND WHEN ONE IS BUILT INTO MY LAPTOP…so sorry about the rant, maybe it is time for my medication ……………..Doug Platt

2. JONH DO LOL! - July 7, 2009

ok what you need is linux ubuntu goto ubuntu.com to download it is the best operating system ever, all the programs are free there are thousands of free leagal programs you can download, or the slightly les popular debian, go to debian.com

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