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Have we ever met before? May 11, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Family, Humor.

I am just an average guy that has an average face and a body to match – pretty average. The few readers of this blog that work with me know that from time to time total strangers come up to me and insist that they know (or knew) me. They really believe that we had met before. And then they begin to go through a catalog of possible places that we could have met… in high school, at a previous job, sporting event, at church, or a bar (more than once – one guy even remembered me as the bar tender). Nobody has ever suggested that it might have been at the Post Office (you know, the ten most wanted list), though I have often waited for that one.

Even after I explain to the person (politely, of course) that I am not certain we had met before and then mention that I grew up in Japan, not in the city where the other person ‘swore’ we were childhood friends, they don’t give up. They almost act as if it was I that was mistaken — just because I don’t remember them doesn’t mean they don’t remember me. At least that appears to be their thought process.

Well, yesterday I experienced a new twist on the same experience. But, this time it was a phone call instead of the person meeting me in person and then spending 10 minutes trying to come up with were they met me before (because I looked so familiar to them). Yes, you heard me correctly (okay, I should say you read correctly), a total stranger on the phone insisted that we had talked before. I know for certain we hadn’t, though I can’t say why here. Therefore, I was 100% certain that the other person just thought I sounded familiar and just thought we had talked before. He eventually dropped it so we could carry on the business purpose of the call (no, he wasn’t trying to sell me anything, the call was not related to sales or anything where the other person would profit from our conversation).

So, what is it about my face (or my voice) that makes total strangers swear they know me? I don’t know what it is, but if I could bottle it I might get rich selling it to people who could take advantage this situation and profit by it. Not that I would ever do that. Really, I wouldn’t. But, if I did, would you still think you knew me?



1. Moose - May 12, 2007

Hey, don’t I know you?

2. Ruth - May 13, 2007

Matsu, you look SO familiar. And my husband SWEARS he knew you as a child. 🙂

3. Matsu - May 13, 2007

Ruth – Now that you mention it, you and your husband do look familiar to me, too!

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