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Most Annoying Technology Products April 28, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Information Technology, Microsoft, Technology, Windows/Microsoft.

PC Word Magazine recently surveyed their readers to see what technology products are most annoying. Products made by Microsoft were listed more than once, but the real shocker was that their newest flagship product was one of them. Yes, a survey of PC World readers revealed that Windows Vista is one of the most annoying technology products.

Here is what they said about it:

No. 8. Microsoft Windows Vista (2007)

It’s one of the unwritten laws of computing: All versions of Windows are annoying. Windows Me takes the cake, but Vista has its own unlovable annoyances, like its overzealous “Cancel or Continue?” confirmation windows so brilliantly lampooned by Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials. But that’s only the tip of the Vista annoyance iceberg. Installing Vista onto an older system? There’s a good chance that your graphics card, sound card, and some of your older software won’t work properly. And even if you have a new system with either the Premium or Ultimate version installed, Vista won’t display its nifty 3D Aero interface if your PC lacks the graphics horsepower for it. No warning screens, no error messages, no explanations–Aero simply doesn’t work. That’s annoying.

Don’t worry, Microsoft Windows ME was also on the list. It won a 2nd place position.

You can read about the entire list here.



1. Hyrum - April 28, 2007

I’m running Vista on my (work) dell laptop (2ghz centrino with 1gb ram) and I’m pretty happy with it. While the apple commercials are funny, the popup continue/cancel screen are no more common or annoying than what happens in mac os x when you try to install an app, with it asking for your password. I didnt have to change any security settings to get it that way either. And I’m no M$ lacky either. I dont think any of the “os wars” matters anyway, as software is moving off the desktop onto the internet.

2. Matsu - April 29, 2007

Hyrum – I must say that I was surprised that Windows Vista was on the same list of annoying products as Windows ME and AOL trial membership CD’s. It hasn’t been out long enough to be annoying.

One thing is true… Microsoft has an up hill battle to get people to upgrade from XP to Vista. That will be their greatest challenge.

3. Hyrum - May 7, 2007

I agree, I still haven’t come up with a good reason to upgrade to vista, except that my boss told me to…

4. Moose - May 7, 2007

I now have (due to hardware failure) my first Vista box at home. Now that I have it, I want to upgrade my wife’s box as soon as I have the money. I have NOT been a big Microsoft fan. I hate upgrades that are unnecessary. At home, I can see the benefits upgrading from DOS to Windows 3.1. I can See going from Windows to Windows 98. However, at that point the return diminishes greatly. First, there is the software that you have to reinstall, and hope it works. Second, there is the hardware requirements. Third, there is teaching my wife how to use the new stuff.*

So, given all of this, why do I want to upgrade the dear wifey to Vista? Because my wife is a user. Vista is SO much better than Win98 – WinXP that it is worth the pain.

Now, that being said, Windows Office 97 – NO WAY!! We will stick with Office 2000. It does everything we want and more, plus we’ve already paid for it, we know how to use it, and the learning curve has already been spent.

As far as Vista being annoying… annoying isn’t all bad. There are some confirmational clicks when you do something at the system level, but to be honest, I see those as a good annoyance. The system doesn’t know if I attempted it on purpose or if some software attempted it without my knowledge. It is certainly a step up.

I would agree that philosophically Vista still follows the Microsoft paradigm of managing the user, which is just annoying as hell for someone used to the paradigm of othe OS managing the processes; but I don’t have a choice but to use Microsoft, so I am stuck with a paradigm designed for the lowest common denominator.

* Now, here is the rub. My wife is extremely intelligent. I give her more tools, she will use them. Then I have to (as the family IT guy) support those tools. BAH, keep her limited, I’m too lazy (time constrained) to learn how to administrate all the stuff she can get her hands into.

5. Matsu - May 7, 2007

Moose, I love your perspective on operating systems and tech support at home. I believe that most of the people who read this blog are probably the ‘family I.T. guy/gal’. It goes with the work we do. And, like you, I try to limit what my wife can get into because it really does drive up the amount of time required to train and support the extra applications or features. Extra time is not something any of us have available to us. So, simpler is better.

Based on yours and Hyrum’s experience, I’ll have to go load up Windows Vista on my Mac. It can handle both Windows XP and Vista (using Parallels). I even have both Fedora and Suse Linux installed as well.

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