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Is this really a good thing? April 26, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Education, News, News and politics.

I just read this AP news story about a young lady that finished getting her college degree from the University of Michigan in just one year. She completed her high school classes by her junior year so she began to take college courses during her last year of high school.

Between her advanced placement (AP) classes and test scores (which gave her college credit) and the college courses she took while she was still in high school, she had enough credits to enter her first year of college as a junior. Then, rather than taking the usual 12-15 credit hours a semester, she took 27 credit hours in one semester. When talking about the course overload she commented that, “I felt I could have added even more.”

Is finishing college in one year really a good thing? Is college just about getting the courses done as quickly as possible? What about social and emotional development? Can development be accelerated like learning can be (for some people)?

This ‘quick study’ teenager is now entering law school. At this pace, she should be on the Supreme Court by the time she’s 25!



1. thehomeschoolcontrarian - January 28, 2009

I think she should go as fast as she wants to…..she’ll get lots of ‘social’ experience in the real world. Frankly the social experience in college sometimes leaves a lot to be desired -shacking up, drinking to excess, blowing off going to class. I have 6 kids, with three either out of college or still in, and that is the social experience they have seen, and they went to colleges that were supposedly fairly ‘straight’ when it came to this sort of thing.

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