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Dell has an idea storm: Ship PC’s with Windows XP April 24, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Information Technology, Microsoft, Technology, Windows/Microsoft.

After years of waiting for Microsoft’s new operating system (Vista) most companies and many home users are deciding to continue using Windows XP for another year, or two.

Dell has been aggressively moving their PC products to only ship with Windows Vista, but that’s not what customers wanted. According to Slashdot and CNET News, Dell has a “good idea”… ship computers with Windows XP. That’s got to hurt Microsoft as they must be wondering how they can get around Newton’s first law of motion: Objects (users) at rest (using Windows XP) tend to stay at rest (continue using Windows XP).

I guess time will show how effective Microsoft is at breaking the laws of physics.

Good luck with that!



1. DrBacchus - April 25, 2007

I imagine what they’ll do is discontinue XP sooner than originally planned, and declare that it is no longer supported. They may even start anti-XP FUD of their own, declaring it insecure, buggy, and a threat to national security and the health of cute fuzzy kittens.

2. Matsu - April 26, 2007

DrBacchus – WOW! I bet you are right. Those poor kittens!

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