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Vonage buys Dixie cup company, creates new children’s market April 1, 2007

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Yes, Vonage has decided to build their customer base by going after the new “sixes” market (children who are 6 to 16 years old). Up until now, they have mostly focused on the ‘over-18’ market. But, according to one Vonage executive, they really think that by jumping into the pre-teen and teen market where Dixie phones are commonplace items, Vonage hopes to move them to IP telephony as they get older and the old cup and string plan no longer meets their needs.

Cup and string

Asked why they chose Dixie cups for their cup-phones, the head of new market development said, “The brand is strong and many people have come to trust the cups for drinking. It just seemed to be a natural to also expand their sales while also building the Vonage brand with the up and coming VoIP users.” He went on to say the new Dixie cups will be called “iCups” and will have holes pre-drilled in the bottom of every cup to help children who are not allowed to use knives, scissors, or ice picks for constructing their own Vonage iCup phone, also known as “ViP”. The new Vonage iCup phones will use the standard string protocol to transmit from one cup to the other.

When asked to try the new ViP, a 9 year old said, “At first I thought it was lame, but after I tried it I thought is was cool. Like, I could hear someone all the way on the other side of the room.

There are no monthly service fees for the new ViP and a startup kit costs only $9.99 (US). Sales of the new Vonage iCup phones are expected to exceed that of Apple’s new iPhone, which is a lot more expensive and only slightly better.


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