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The Sport of Geeks March 20, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Fun, Humor, Information Technology, Random.

Last week I spoke with Gary, a fellow I.T. Director at a private college half a country away, to catch up on our respective lives. I mentioned to him that it was the end of the day and my fellow Geeks were headed to our weekly game of racquetball. He laughed because he also enjoys playing racquetball to blow off steam and get some exercise. Since that day, I have thought about it and have come to realize that racquetball is the sport of Geeks.

Really, think about it. Most people play until someone reaches a score of 15. Geeks play until the score is F (Hexadecimal – if this doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, it’s not that funny even for the Geeks that do understand). Better yet, you play the game in a large room where the ball can never go out of bounds.

Finally, it’s standard equipment to wear protective glasses. In fact, it’s even cool. So, naturally, Geeks fit right in with that look.

When I Googled “racquetball geek” I found there is even a t-shirt for Geeks who play racquetball. Go ahead, check it out. I’ll wait.

If you are a Geek and want to know where to begin with your own exercise program then start by reading “The Geek’s Guide to Working Out” where you can get some sound advice.



1. Pedro Pinheiro - March 21, 2007

My (only) contact with racquetball was when I lived as an exchange student in the US. My AFS host dad played racquetball on occasion (he used to play it frequently until he developed a knee problem), and he got me inside the so mentioned “large room where the ball can never go out of bounds” – which as a corollary has the unfortunate side effect of preventing YOU from running away from it, which is what I felt like doing in my attempts of trying to dodge the so called “ball”, which should be called a “missile” in the right (wrong?) hands…. 🙂 (this was all done as a kind of harmless prank, no innocent exchange students (ME!) where harmed in any way!). I definitely don’t have the knack for ball games of any sort (my bench warming /sunflower seed eating “baseball” season in that same year is another funny story…. 🙂 )

2. JD - March 22, 2007

Yes even here at Cedarville most of the Computer Services’ ‘geeks’ play racquetball

3. Moose - March 26, 2007

F was very funny!

4. Spock - April 3, 2015

Isn’t it true! I found Racquetball a few years back. I am a geek. Recently I was struck by how many of my fellow players are also geeks — specifically computer geeks.

Of course, being the geek I am now trying to formulate an appropriate theory to explain this phenomenon. We are all smart, so we should be able to determine the specific causal element, generate a mathematical model, and build a program simulating Racquetball growth and projected geek dominance of the sport — right???

PS — I personally play to 1111

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