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Joy mixed with sorrow March 3, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Education, News.

Yesterday was a busy and difficult day full of moments of joy and sorrow.

While I got ready for work I had the morning TV news on and heard that a bus down in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) had driven off an overpass and onto the road below. At that time, they did not know many details, but they knew enough to say that several people had died in the accident.

At work, the Board of Trustees held a special session with the faculty to announce that they had selected a new president (there has been a search going on for more than a year). After telling us, they said the entire student body would be informed the next hour during Chapel. While the Chairman of the Board was reading the person’s credentials in Chapel and even before he could say her name, the student body erupted in applause as they figured out who it was (she is our current Provost). It was nice to see such strong support for their decision for president. I know that most faculty and staff, including all of them in my department, are very pleased with the choice for the new college president.

Once we updated the our website with the news and attended the reception for the new president elect, I headed back to my office for a quick review of my e-mail. The morning had been so busy I had not had a chance to even look at e-mail all morning. What I found in my inbox was a note informing me that the bus accident I saw on the news early that morning was carrying Bluffton University’s baseball team and that six people had been killed with many more in serious condition. My heart sank as I thought about the tragedy and the impact it would have on the families involved and the university.

My thoughts are prayers are with the survivors of that tragic bus accident and all of those who are affected by it.

You can find the CNN report about the Bluffton bus crash here.



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