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Today’s lesson: Books are not water-proof February 8, 2007

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This week, the outside temperature in my part of the world has been well below freezing, even below zero for a brief time. Well, one poor water pipe could not take it any more and it froze up. Last night, it burst and before we discovered it, most of the basement was flooded and all of the books we have were wet. Most of the books were soaking wet, though a few were just partially wet.

We did what we could: dried off the surfaces, moved the partially wet stuff out of the basement, and used a wet-vac to get the water down to a manageable level, but it’s still a mess.

Now, we have about 1,000 books drying in our garage. I don’t know if there is any hope of salvaging them, but I’m going to try.

So, remember to put your books in zip-locked bags before placing them on the bookshelf. Then, if there is a flood or water pipes burst, you will have something to read.



1. Laura - February 8, 2007

this makes me exceedingly sad. đŸ˜¦ We missed you today-hope the recovery efforts go well.

2. Ruth - February 8, 2007

Oh, NO! I am so sorry to hear this. Loss of life would be worse, but loss of books is pretty tragic in itself.

Send us some of that water, will you? We’ve hardly had any rain in weeks, and we’re having to buy trucks of water to fill up our cistern!

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