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Time and energy are in very short supply January 24, 2007

Posted by Matsu in Random, Weblog.

I really enjoy writing. Every day I come across things or have thoughts and ideas I would like to blog about. But, the time and energy needed to post a message every day are in very short supply. There are just too many things I must get done at work or at home (or somewhere in between) and so I don’t make it over here to share my thoughts and ideas nearly as often as I would like.

Yes, part of it is discipline. As in, a professional writer or blogger would force himself or herself to sit and write. Well, I am not a professional writer or blogger, so it’s really not that high a priority for me. At least, not for now. Maybe in the future I’ll feel differently and then I’ll post more often.

Before I collapse into my bed for the night (it’s midnight now), let me say that with a little help from some friends (Bert, Don, and Rich), I was able to get some much-needed exercise playing racquetball this evening. I know that tomorrow my body will remind me of my age and the soreness will attest to the fact that I do not exercise regularly. But, for now, it feels good (I’m mostly numb). In a few days, I’ll need to play again and next week, again. Eventually, I will not be as exhausted or as sore. That will be a good day. Hey, I might even win a game!



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