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Sir Arthur C. Clarke sent me e-mail December 11, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Humor, Random.

Earlier this year Dr. Bacchus was in Sri Lanka for an Apache conference and had the opporutnity to actually meet Sir Arthur C. Clarke, which he writes about here.

I have never met the man, but I did recently received an e-mail from him. Here is an abreviated (and highly edited) copy of what he wrote me:

Dear Matsu,

SETI@home needs your help. The SETI@home team has accomplished much in the past 6 months. We have successfully deployed the “enhanced” version of SETI@home. The new seven beam data recorder has been installed at Arecibo (the world’s largest radio telescope) and is recording the data that will be analyzed in the next phase of SETI@home.

But there is still far more to be done. We would like to be able to sift through the results returned by your computers in order to identify candidates more rapidly so we can re-observe them. This rapid response validation system would also give you the ability to see the results your computers have/has returned in more detail.

Thank you for helping the search for ET, and for considering a donation to SETI@home.


Sir Arthur C. Clarke (Author and Futurist)

Isn’t that cool? It feels a lot like 2001.



1. Pedro Pinheiro - December 11, 2006

I received the e-mail also! I used to contribute to SETI@Home with my CPU cycles, but I started noticing a difference of about €20 a month on the electricity bill of having S@H running or not on my home server! I might re-start it, only at night (I have cheaper electricity from 11pm to 7am).

2. Matsu - December 11, 2006

Pedro – WOW! We must be in the same “exclusive” club.

The truth is, I did the same thing you did. I once contributed CPU cycles to SETI, but after several years I decided to quit. I couldn’t help but wonder what the affect was on my computer as it ran continuously 24×7. And, I didn’t like the new software, so I no longer run it.

Maybe I’ll consider running it on an old server I have. Maybe.

3. Pedro Pinheiro - December 14, 2006

I run the computer 24/7 (it’s where my matsu is hosted), but the difference of it being under a cpu load or not makes a big difference in electricity consumption.

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