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Thanksgiving Discovery November 23, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Family, Japan, Technology.

Thanksgiving Tire Swing

My wife and I alternate where we celebrate Thanksgiving each year. One year we have thanksgiving with my parents and extended family, then the next year we do the same with my wife’s family. This year it’s my wife’s turn, so we traveled to Georgia to spend time with my Relatives-In-Law.

We drove to Atlanta, Georgia, and spent Thanksgiving Day with Uncle Robert and his family. They had all gathered at cousin Paul’s new home just outside of Atlanta. We had a great time. Both the meal and the company were wonderful. After we ate and talked for a little while, we all went out to the backyard where Paul and his brother, Adam, and Brother-In-Law, Dan, set up an old-fashioned rope and tire swing. The children almost enjoyed it as much as the adults did.

One surprising discovery was when I learned about Paul’s work. He helped to start a brand new company (Stone Mountain Media) that specializes in LED sculpture technology. At first, I didn’t understand how it was possible to do what he said his company did, but after he explained it, I believed it could be done. (Of course, it is being done, it’s just so cool that my mind had a hard time believing it, not that I didn’t believe Paul. He is very credible.)

Paul’s company designs and makes high-tech sculptures. They really look amazing. The entire outer surface (skin?) of the sculpture is made up of LED lights that can display a of video image. If I understood correctly, the software can perform realtime ‘magic’ to display video across the surface of the sculpture to either look normal or to let it be distored (wrapped) acround the scupture/art. I hope I am not overstating what it does, because it was not completely clear to me how it worked. When you hear him explain how it is done and how the technology works, it sounds easy. But when you see it, you wonder at the blending of art and technology (it’s both art and technology or maybe neither – very difficult to categorize).

I searched the Internet for images of his work (he told me about several places all over the world where they have installed their art/technology). But, I couldn’t find anything and I don’t remember the names of the companies that already purchased (commissioned?) his product/art – but one was a health spa in Japan. I do remember the names of companies that he is in the process of proposing new projects, but since he is still negotiating, it would not be appropriate to mention those projects. If one particular commission (sale?) takes place, it will be placed in a high traffic area that will be seen by millions of people each year.

If do find out where a sample of Paul’s technology art work is on the net, I’ll post a link. Or, I’ll try to get Paul to send me a photo of one of his sculptures.

Update: I did find this article about one of Paul’s LED projects that he did for a casino. A photo of that project can be found here.



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