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Blog Comment Spam October 21, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Information Technology, Technology, Web, Weblog.

If you have your own blog have you noticed that comment-spam has increased in the past couple of months. Three or four months ago I would get only 1 or 2 spam comments a week. Now, I’m getting 30 to 40 comments that are spam on my blog each week. So, what’s up with that?

I guess the good news is most of it doesn’t ever show up where people can see it. Instead, the WordPress folk detect it and block the posting. But, I am seeing one or two spam comments get through each week. Not a huge problem, but it is amazing how bad it could be without the spam detection. I pity the person who has set up their own blog server without some form of spam content detection and blocking.



1. Laura - October 21, 2006

my spam levels go up and down, but they seem to roughly correspond with how many/how important my incoming links are. For example, when I got linked to on the ZDNet blog page, suddenly I found my comment-spam upwards of 20 a day. After a week or so, it tapered off to almost-normal levels.

So I guess this increase just means you’re popular, eh?

2. website monitoring blog - October 23, 2006

Laura’s absolutely right. The more posts you have (which normally means more incoming links), the more spam you get…

3. Jimmy - June 26, 2007

not necesarily, but generaly true.

4. ruistTipspunc - January 16, 2009

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5. gummybeargb - April 21, 2009

The spam has increased! I got three today…T-T I get more spam in a day than I have my comments in all.

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