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My New Apple MacBook Pro and Windows XP September 10, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Apple, Information Technology, Mac, Microsoft, Open Source, Technology, Windows/Microsoft.

MacBook ProYes, last week I began to work with the new Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer that is built on the Intel Core Duo processor. My first impression of the MacBook Pro was that OS X actually ran very well. Mouse response and graphics seemed faster than the Motorola G4 processor based Mac laptop. You might call the new laptop snappy or zippy, to use a couple of highly technical terms.

Once I set up the network and got it working I downloaded all of the gazillion Apple operating system and application patches and updates. Next, I downloaded and purchased a license key for Parallels virtual software they call Parallels Desktop for Mac (not a very exciting product name).

Now, there is more to this new Apple laptop than just the ability to run Windows XP. In fact, that is probably the least of its abilities and certainly not the reason to purchase an Apple Intel laptop. Three hardware of the less talked about enhancements include: a built-in camera (iSight), infrared remote control, and a new zero-friction (magnetic) power connector. Each of them are really just extras but they really make a difference in the overall product experience.

After installing the Windows XP operating system I then spend another block of time running system patches and updates on that operating system. Finally, I have an up-to-date Mac laptop running the latest patched version of Mac OS X 10.4.7 and the latest (patched) Windows XP SP2.

Running two operating systems really takes up a lot of disk space. And, I really want to run Linux Fedora Core 5 as well, so I need plenty of disk space to split between three operating systems. That’s where a really big hard drive comes in handy. I don’t have that, so I’ll mostly just be testing proof of concept and probably won’t leave it running three operating systems. That is, until I get a much larger hard drive.

One thing I discovered that sort of surprised me. Now that I am running Windows on my Mac laptop, I am not sure what I’ll use it for. I find myself constantly going back to the Mac OS X operating system because it has functionality or simplicity that I want. I guess it’s too early to decide to take Windows XP off the comptuer. I will give it more time as I’m sure there is more that I can do with it than I realize. Right?



1. DrBacchus - September 10, 2006

For the last year and a half, the only time I have ever used Windows was to see how something looked in IE. Hardly seems worth consuming drive space for.

2. nick burnell - October 18, 2006

hi mate
i am nick i am trying to find a web site that i can download virtual xp for my laptop but i tryed the one u had download and it didnt seem to work so can you plz help me out

many thanks


3. Cam Sprowl - November 20, 2006


After the second release of BootCamp, I can fully run XP.

Some of the keyboard things don’t work, but you best your ass I can Oblivion or CS:S, even BF2 runs smoothly.

Get’s a little hot, but who wouldn’t with all this SICK stuff to do?

I love my MBP.

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