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The key to success? Low expectations! August 31, 2006

Posted by Matsu in News and politics, Random.

Williams and BushI watched Brian William’s interview of President Bush (George W.) on NBC the other day. For the most part the President seemed to give decent responses to Mr. William’s questions. But, one response made me stop what I was doing and actually look at the TV to see if maybe Saturday Night Live or some other comedy show had interrupted the serious news interview.

What did the President say that caught my attention? He said, “The key for me is to keep expectations low.”

That’s not what I would normally expect from the ruler a country like the United States, but I guess that works for him. You can read a news article about that interview here.



1. Ruth - September 1, 2006

Too funny! I was also amused to see that he isn’t reading Camus any more. That book is – what? – 150 pages? It’s not exactly War and Peace. I’d hope he could finish it fairly quickly.

2. Matsu - September 2, 2006

Ruth – I couldn’t help but think he was name-dropping when he mentioned Camus. I was waiting for him to say Kafka or something like that.

As for books his ‘size’ he might want to read Steinbeck’s The Old Man and the Sea.

3. Ruth - September 2, 2006

Isn’t that Hemingway? 🙂

This is quite a fascinating concept – maybe we could come up with a whole Reading List for Presidents. I’d love to know what is on his “eclectic” list. Reportedly he reads “My Utmost for His Highest” every day, and now we know he’s read “The Stranger.” (Kind of a bizarre combination, I guess, but I’ve read both too!) I wonder what else?

4. Ruth - September 2, 2006

Oh, and he read “three Shakespeares.” I wonder which ones?

Mr. President, can you start a book blog, please? In your spare time?

5. Matsu - September 2, 2006

Ruth, that’s really funny. Of course, you are right! The Old Man and the Sea was written by Ernest Hemingway and not John Steinbeck. 😉

If the Preseident was to read a book by John Steinbeck he would probably pick, Travels with Charley.

Hey, I’d read the President’s blog. It would probably be a lot of very short posts. Most of them would be links to other people’s blogs. Or, maybe he would link to his favorite YouTube videos!

6. Ruth - September 3, 2006

Hey, Matsu, thanks for the link! 🙂 I guess the name of my blog is pretty long-winded. I like your abbreviation.

Travels with Charley would work, or The Pearl, or The Red Pony, if you’re going for short! Or, as students often say, “thin.” (I recommend a book and they say, “Is that a fat one?” I’m not used to thinking of books in terms of how fat or thin they are, and in their way of thinking, thin is definitely better.)

I would love to see what the President’s favorite YouTube videos are! I think this is something we should suggest. It could be called “Random Musings from the Oval Office” or maybe just “The Prez Blogs.”

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