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Living legacies August 3, 2006

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A couple years ago I had the privilege of attending a memorial service for the grandfather of my friends, Rich and Ruth. I did not know their grandfather, but I felt privileged to witness the legacy he created through his life and the influence he had on the community and on his family, both immediate and extended. The life that he lived and the difference he made in this world continues to this day through his children, grand children, and even his great grand children. What a blessing.

At the beginning of this year, my Father-In-Law passed away after a lifetime of ministry through drama. The one thing that people said over and over, again, was how much he cared about them and how he made them feel special. Being an actor, he loved to be around people. He had a big heart and a genuine concern for others, no matter what their situation was – rich or poor, educated or not. He always seemed to know what to say to put others at ease and to make them laugh. His influence and legacy will be celebrated this weekend as his friends and family remember him at the Living Word Outdoor Drama in Cambridge, Ohio, USA. He and his wife had a vision for an outdoor passion play in central Ohio and founded that ministry back in the 1970’s. Each August they celebrate “the founders” and bring them back to honor them. This year, they honor one of the founders through a memorial service.

Earlier this week, another person who lived a legacy and influenced people around the world passed away. That person is Dr. David Seamands. He was a minister and author and teacher.

I feel privileged to benefit from the lives and legacies of these three men. Privileged and challenged.



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