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Microsoft Minesweeper Cheat (or tip) July 4, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Information Technology, Microsoft, Random, Software, Technology, Windows/Microsoft.

Minesweeper game - finishedThis post is for all of the Windows users out there that never quite understood the game, Minesweeper. Did you know there was a way to play that would make it nearly impossible to lose? I’ll tell you how, as long as you don’t use this knowlege to hustle your friends.

With all of the Windows programs closed, open up Minesweeper. Type: xyzzy and hold down the SHIFT key for just a second or two. It should change the game so that when you mouse over the squares either a black dot or white dot will apear in the top left of your Windows desktop. If it’s black, avoid it (or else, kaboom) and if it’s white, it’s safe to click on it. That’s it.

Enjoy a winnning game of Minesweeper! By the way, I found this information here.



1. generally - July 5, 2006

Thanks for the cheat. That was definitely helpful.

You left a comment on my blog asking for the link to Time’s 50 coolest sites. I posted the link as a reply to your comment. I wasn’t sure whether you came back to see it. So, posting it here for: http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1072872,00.html


2. Matsu - July 5, 2006

Thanks, Generally. I had not gone back, yet. So, it’s nice to get the link to the list of 50 coolest sites. Appreciate it!

3. Unknown - July 18, 2006

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