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Wars and rumors of wars… June 24, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Information Technology, Microsoft, News and politics, Open Source, Software, Technology, Web, Windows/Microsoft.

I thought that the Internet browser wars had pretty much been fought and were over, but in the past 24 hours I've seen a lot more written about it than I have seen in the past 24 months. I guess they come in cycles or waves.

Yesterday, sitting on the break room table at work, was this series of diagrams that illustrated the software wars taking place against Microsoft (the evil empire). It provided quite a dramatic view of how many fronts that Microsoft is fighting competition, both in the open source space and the for-profit competition.

Then, today I read Robert Scoble's post about browser wars and the fact that he's trying to decide which browser he will use in his new job when he will be given both a Mac and a Windows PC (some might say, aren't they the same thing now?).

What browser do I use? Mostly Firefox. At least, that's my first choice on both my Mac and my PC. But, I also use Internet Explorer on my PC a lot (to keep in touch with what most of the Windows world is using and to test the corporate web site) and I use Safari on my Mac almost as much as I use Firefox on the Mac. I guess I like to use multiple browsers to keep in touch with what my users are experiencing. After all, where I work my department supports almost 1,500 people. And, as you might guess, they don't all use the same browser.

So, what about you? Do you use only one web browser and nothing else? Or, do you use multiple web browsers as I do?



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