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Microsoft blogger and employee, Robert Scoble, leaves Microsoft June 11, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Information Technology, Microsoft, News and politics, Technology, Web, Weblog, Windows/Microsoft.

Chris Pirillo reports that the widely read Microsoft blogger, Robert Scoble, is leaving Microsoft's employment. He is reportedly planning to work at PodTech.Net.

I wonder how that will affect Scoble's blog, Scobleizer, and his large following. It may be that at first he will speak more freely about Microsoft and be more critical of the company policies or practices (after he receives his last paycheck). But, at some point, I suspect that the fact that Scoble will no longer be working for Microsoft and the perception that he may not have the inside scoop could cause fewer people to keep up with his blog. Maybe.

UPDATE: Robert Scoble talks about his departure from Microsoft here and here.



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