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Have you downloaded Windows Vista Beta 2, yet? June 11, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Information Technology, Microsoft, News and politics, Software, Technology, Web, Windows/Microsoft.

If you haven't already checed it out, you should go here to read up on Windows Vista Beta 2. And, if you want to experiement, you can download it, too. Only Microsoft has posted a warning that it's a little slow because everyone else in the world is also downloading it as well.

Download Windows Vista Beta 2

Update as of June 9, 12:00PM PST:
We are experiencing extremely high download demand at this time. The wait time to start the download is very long and many customers may be unable to access the download site. To guarantee participation in the Customer Preview Program (to receive both Beta 2 and RC1) we recommend you use the DVD kit order option above.

According to Microsoft's estimates, when nobody else is downloading a copy, it will take a long time to get your very own copy. Here's a chart that Microsoft provides with estimates for the download based on your Internet bandwidth. Please, don't waste your time trying this with a dialup (modem) connection.

Connection speed: Connection type: Approximate
download time:
32-bit edition (3.5 GB)
3.0 mbps Fast Cable/DSL 4.5 hours
1.5 mbps T1 9 hours
768 kbps Cable/DSL 18 hours
256 kbps Cable/DSL 54 hours

This Vista beta version has a 'drop dead' date of June 1, 2007. So, you can use it until then. How long will it take to download a copy using a 56Kb modem? It's estmated that it will take up to 12 months. So, if you are lucky, you can download it just before it expires. đŸ˜‰



1. soses - June 11, 2006

thank you sooooooooooooooo much
ood please you

2. soses - June 11, 2006

good please you

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