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Soccer makes the world a little smaller June 10, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Family, News and politics, Random, Soccer, World Cup.

World Cup Soccer FlagsThis evening I ran out to the grocery store. Nearby is a pizza place called L.A. Gourmet Pizza. It has great pizza. It's a small place run by several Middle Eastern men. They are very nice people and when I wait for my pizza I see they are hard working and seem to enjoy what they do.

When I drove by the pizza place I was amused to see a few of the employees out in the parking lot playing a pickup game of soccer. I could not help but be reminded of the fact that the World Cup Soccer tournament started yesterday. Seeing that group made me feel like the world was a lot smaller than it used to be.

World Cup South AfricaThere is something about sports, whether it's the Olympic games or world cup soccer, that unites people. Of course, with national teams it makes people a lot more patriotic as they rally behind their flag.

I smiled as I drove home, thinking about how much fun those pizza guys were having as they played their favorite sport between world cup soccer matches. Yes, they had a television in the pizza shop and they were watching world cup soccer coverage. I could not help but feel a connection to them just knowing that they were celebrating an international soccer tournament. It was strange, but a good feeling.

The next world cup is in 2010. It will be held in South Africa.



1. Scott Irwin - June 10, 2006

There is something very special and unique about international sporting events. It gives you so much more respect for people all over the world and allows you to realize that we all deal with life and many aspects of our lives are essentially the same. We just live in a different geographical location and sometimes speak different languages. But all in all we are people and people are ALL the same, whether for good, bad or indifferent.

2. Matsu - June 10, 2006

Precisely, Scott! Well said. That is so true.

3. Ruth - June 12, 2006

Yes, I agree with your take on the World Cup. I posted about it on my blog yesterday too. Maybe that’s the answer to world peace – have more international sporting events.

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