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Google vs. Excel June 6, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Humor, Information Technology, Management, Microsoft, Technology, Web, Windows/Microsoft.

Google Spreadsheets LogoDid you hear? Google is coming out with their own online spreadsheet application called Google spreadsheets to go along with Open Notebook, Google Finance, Google calendar and the various other applications they've release over the past year. You can find several news stories about Google Spreadsheets listed here.

The title of this post reminds me a little of that short film, "Godzilla vs. Bambi." In this case, I'm not certain that Google is Godzilla, but it might be just as amusing to watch.

I can't help but wonder if people would rather use a server based application, like Google spreadsheets, or a computer program that runs on and off the Internet (no network required). I can't help but think that a local application running on my computer is the better way to go. But, that's also the way I've always operated, so I'm more than a little biased.

Google Spreadsheets ScreenTo see Google Spreadsheets and to try it yourself (sneak peak) you should click your way over to here.

Maybe if I wait long enough there will be a sequel to this new short film where two tech giants fight to the death. I'm voting on Godzilla to win.



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