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How many repair visits does it take to fix a 30kVA Liebert UPS May 22, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Information Technology, Management, Technology.

Do you remember when I wrote this post about the failing Liebert UPS (uninterruptible power supply) at work? Well, it's been a month since my 30kVA Liebert UPS died. Since then, we've replaced all 30 batteries and the repair technician has been out four times to diagnose and repair the unit.

The last visit and 'final' repair was this afternoon. Now, the Liebert technician just informed us that it will take one more visit and a few more parts to complete the job. No, they have not been able to get it working on any of the visits, so far. Yes, they tell us when they leave that they need 'one more part' to finally fix it. Yes, they say that this time they know exactly what’s wrong and it will only take one more visit to repair out unit. You talk about deja vu!

I had no idea a UPS could be so complicated. And, I had no idea that stocking replacement parts or getting good parts would be such a big deal. But, here we are, one month after asking for service and they are still trying to figure out which parts are needed and where to get those special parts.

The good news is that the unit worked for more than four years (when it was new) without any problems. Hopefully, after this major down time, we will see another four years of up time. Hopefully.

Let's see, at that rate the down time to up time ratio is one week of down time for each year of up time. Is that good? Well, if you are trying to reach the industry standard of 'five nines' or 99.999% uptime, then you would have only 31.5 seconds of down time in one year. That's not my experience with Liebert. Using the average of one week of down time a year, that would come out to about 98% of uptime each year. Not exactly five nines of reliability or quality, would you say? Hey, I would be happy with just 99.99% (four nines) of uptime. That comes out to 52.5 minutes of down time each year. That's less than one hour a year. To me, in my business, that's good.



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