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The Wedding Photographer May 16, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Family, Photography, Random.

When I was in junior high school (back in the 1970’s) I borrowed my father’s Canon 35mm camera and started taking pictures. By the time I was in high school I convinced him to give me a small loan so I could purchase the Canon AE-1 soon after it was released.

I first put my camera to use in high school as a yearbook photographer. That was lots of fun. And, I learned how to develop my own black and white film and make my own prints in the yearbook photo lab. That saved me from having to pay a photo shop to develop my film, which got rather expensive.

In college, I continued my hobby and became the photo editor of the school newspaper. Before I graduated from college, I began to take pictures for a fee. Mostly, I took pictures for promotional brochures for bands or solo artists, and passport photos (hey, it was easy and I made money). Eventually, I took pictures for a couple of weddings.

Since graduating (more than 20 years ago), I have been the wedding photographer for many weddings.

I never made it my vocation, but it was a hobby that sort of paid for itself. The last wedding I worked was my brother’s wedding. It was probably the last wedding I will ever shoot. Not because of my brother. I decided not to do any more weddings long before I did his wedding. Being a wedding photographer is not really all that fun. You get one chance at very important pictures and you’ve got lots of strangers telling you exactly what to do. You work on a very tight schedule as many people (family and guests) wait impatiently to visit with the bride and groom.


Over the years I have purchased several Canon 35mm camera bodies of various models and more than a dozen Canon lenses. My favorite 35mm film camera is the Canon EOS 3 (I’ve got two of them) and my favorite digital SLR is the Canon EOS 20D (I only have one of these, but I’m in need of a second one, or the Canon EOS 30D).

Photography is largely my hobby and it provides an escape from my job as a technology manager. I enjoy collecting really old cameras, too. I have dozens of antique cameras. I mostly picked them up at flea markets and yard sales, though I rarely shop at flea markets or yard sales.

Best Wedding Photographer

Not too long ago I ran across the web site of a young wedding photographer named Kelly Moore. Her web site not only has a very impressive sample of her photographic work (which, frankly is the best I’ve ever seen), but it is also a very well done web site. The colors of each web page complement the pictures and the music add to the overall experience. Kelly Moore also has a blog where she talks about herself and her work.

If you are an aspiring photographer and want ideas for some really great wedding pictures, look through Kelly Moore’s sample photos on her web site. And, if you are not interested in taking pictures, but plan to hire a photographer for a wedding or special event, then look at those pictures so you can better articulate what you want the professional photographer to do at that event or wedding.

What do I take pictures of, now? Mostly my family. Recently, that means taking pictures of my 12-year-old son at soccer and baseball games. Bird in treeI also take a lot of nature pictures. Going out hiking and taking nature pictures is my all time favorite things to do.

Oh, and I have also been a volunteer photographer at the Ichthus music festival (see video) for the past three years. That’s a lot of fun as it is very different from photographing nature and nothing like taking wedding photos.



1. debrahereandnow - May 19, 2009

I can certainly relate to you and yoru choice of not shooting professionally anymore or at least for weddings. I had been a photographer of nature for years then it slipped into shooting a wedding for a friend and then another and another. I soon became a professional wedding photographer. After 30 years I stopped sold all my cameras . My photgraphy now is limited to my cell phone *lol* and much to my surprise that is good enough for my vacation photos of the scenic places I travel. I have no regret that my hobby turned into my profession. However I am glad to not pick up a camera anymore unless I flip open my cell phone to take a shot of a personal memory while traveling. I suppose in our youth we are thrilled our passion can make us money. But now I rather use my mind for my photographic memories or the cell phone

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