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Edit and post blog entries with Word 2007 May 12, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Information Technology, Mac, Microsoft, Technology, Windows/Microsoft.

It seems that Microsoft has established a corporate policy or maybe a corporate marketing strategy that all development teams will now blog about their product. I suppose that if they can't ship Windows Vista or Office 2007 then they might as well blog about it.

There's this blog by Brendan Busch about PowerPoint. He writes all about the development of PowerPoint 12 (Office 2007?) and lists all of the great new features it will include when they ship. The odd thing about his blog is his last entry was back in November 2005. Does that mean the work was stopped or does that mean that Brendan Busch is no longer on the development team? Or, was he using Word 2007 to publish his blog (see next paragraph) and it stopped working?

This post made a few minutes ago on the Microsoft Office Word blog by "Joe Friend" talks about how the new 2007 version of Word will include a feature where you can do all of your blogging from inside of Word. Yes, create and post your blog entries in Word so you don't have to use those blog server tools. Now, I will admit that I have often used Microsoft Word on my Mac to check the spelling of my blog posts, but I'm not sure I would want Word to translate the GUI information into HTML and post it onto the blog server. I guess I don't have faith that the code will be clean. Microsoft really doesn't have a good record when it comes to generating HTML from Word files, or even Front Page for that matter.

It looks like we have just begun to see Microsoft use blogging to let the word get out about the progress on software development and the various features the new versions will include. I wonder if that will backfire at some point. 



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