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Countdown timer code test… May 7, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Information Technology, Open Source, Random, Technology.

If this works, you will see a running count down until Memorial Day 2006.


Well, what do you think? I got this from Free Flash Toys.

UPDATE: This clearly did not work in WordPress. Oh, well! I’m afraid I don’t know enough to make it work within WordPress.com posts, if that’s even possible. I know it works on a test page hosted on an Apache web server, but that’s different.

I should add that the code that’s visible is only part of what I cut/pasted into this WordPress post (in HTML editor). To try this yourself you should go to the Free Flash Toys page and generate your own code to try on your web page or blog.



1. Pedro Pinheiro - May 7, 2006

Did you insert the code in HTML mode or in the WYSIWYG mode? If the latter, I think it might insert some escape characters to render anything you write in it as text (although I’m not sure if that happens or if it’s the problem in question here).

2. Matsu - May 7, 2006

Pedro – I pasted the code into the HTML editor, thinking it would just work. But, it didn't. I suspect there is a tag needed that must precede the inserted code. And, since I don't know XML or Flash code, I thought I'd let my readers tell me if what I'm doing will work.

3. Phreeze - May 21, 2006

Wow it worked! I went to the Free Flash Toys link you posted, entered my “countdown” date and copied/pasted the code into my Blogger post…to get it to work I had to manually add an tag at the end of the pasted text, but that was all- nothing more. Thanks for finding this! I’ve searched many sites and all others seem to use java-script which Blogger barfs on. Try adding that tag to the end of your code…it might work for you also. I had almost given up hope before reading you post. I’m so excited it works!

4. Phreeze - May 21, 2006

My previous post to you must have read the tag I was trying describe as html, so I’ll spell it out here. It’s the “/embed” end tag enclosed within the less than/greater than brackets that must be added to the end of any Blogger posts beging with an “embed” tag. I hope this makes sense to you ’cause it was a really simple fix for me.

5. Matsu - May 21, 2006

Phreeze – I’m glad this post was the catalyst to helping you find a countdown timer that worked for your blog. And, thanks for the tip on the ending tag that was needed.

Unfortunately, adding the /embed tag (with greater-than and less-than signs) didn’t make it work on the WordPress blog server. It did change things to the point that it recognized that it was embedded code, so now it doesn’t show the code at all. I guess that’s something. I’ll have to experiment further to figure out how to get it to work for WordPress users.

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