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Mi:3 – Been there, done that! (Well, maybe not.) May 5, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Humor, Information Technology, Japan, Random.

Last night I attended a showing of Mi:3, the third in what I hope is a trilogy of Mission Impossible movies. The theater was packed with IT people, because it was a 'geeks go free night' sponsored by APC. Yes, I attended a vendor paid APC promotion while my own giant (30 kVA) UPS is broken back In my server room.

When I watched the first movie, many years ago, I was largely disappointed. No, I did not grow up on Mission Impossible TV episodes (they were not available on Japanese TV), though I did see one or two as a child. But, that was not it. I was disappointed in that first movie because the plot was so disjointed and action seemed to be there simply because it was expected to be there. It was sort of like cooking a bunch of ingredients that you really like individually and you expect to have something that is better than the sum of its parts. But, when you are done, it's horrible tasting. That was the first movie.

The second Mission Impossible movie was a little better. And, now the third movie is probably where it should have been if it were the first movie. Only they needed the audience to know some of the characters, so they needed the previous movies as a means of introduction.

In the style of the first movie, Mi:3 has some things that don't add up. And, if you are like me, the leaps of logic and gaps of continuity make it hard to enjoy the experience. Yes, I did enjoy several of the action scenes, but overall the experience left me with more questions than answers. Who knows, maybe the writers and director of Mi:3 wanted it to be that way.

My wife and son were unable to join me for the movie, so they have not seen it, yet. What will I tell them? Should they pay to go see it this weekend? I think I will tell them that as an action movie, they really should see it in a theater. But, they may want to wait until it reaches the $1 theaters.

My recommendation to my readers who may also be I.T. professionals? You should really check out that APC movie. Now, that was a movie I could follow. I liked the plot. It made me laugh, it made me cry (thinking about my own server room), but it had a happy ending.

APC movie, thumbs up. Mi:3 movie, thumbs sideways (not good, but not all that bad).



1. DrBacchus - May 6, 2006

After the first M.I. movie, I had no inclination to see the other two, and so I haven’t. Perhaps I’ll add them to my blockbuster list, and see them when they work their way to the top of the queue.

I saw various M.I. episodes growing up, but for the life of me I can’t imagine where I saw them. Perhaps when we were in Wilmore in the 70s or Florida in the 80s, but I don’t remember for sure.

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