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Google Finance ties stocks to news events March 22, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Management, Technology.

Have you seen Google's latest data presentation tool, yet? It's called Google Finance. And, while it may be a handy way to see the trends or history of your stock portfolio, one really interesting feature is the linkage it makes between significant events and the stock performance.

For instance, let's look at Apple's stock or AAPL. When you first pull up the stock you see the typical chart showing the stock price over time. You can easily adjust the time period displayed by clicking the different time periods in the top left corner of the chart, next to the word 'zoom.' Each time you click on a different date range (like 1 year or 1 month) the news stories will adjust to the 'resolution' of the stock chart.

If you want to totally customize the start and end date of the chart, you can just drag the start and stop markers at the top of the chart to any date you wish. And, again the news stories on the right will adjust to fit the new timeframe. I find this to be very interesting as it shows a direct correlation of news events on the stock price.

But wait, that's not all. You also get a lot of information about the company above and below the stock chart. And, to show the power of blogging, they even provide a section of recent blog posts about the company. I may be easily amused and impressed, but I find the way that Google presents the financial and news information to be very interesting.

I think I would use this if I own stock in individual companies. Instead, all of my investments are tied up in mutual funds. But, wait. I can see the performance of my mutual funds, too! Check out the performance of the Fidelity Mutual Fund.

Google Finance almost makes following my investments fun. Almost.



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