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Microsoft has a sense of humor? Strange, but true! March 18, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Humor, Management, Technology.

According to Robert Scoble, Microsoft employee and fellow WordPress blogger, the Microsoft iPod package video I mentioned here was created by Microsoft employees. Isn’t that great?

“Yes, we can laugh at ourselves. The marketing team did it to challenge the box designers for our products to do better. We need more of this stuff.”

Robert Scoble, author of the Scobleizer blog

Scoble goes on to comment on the culture and decision-making process at Microsoft.

“Microsoft is a consensus culture and consensus (which means everyone has to sign off on things) does avoid trouble, but it also makes for uninspired products and marketing. That is our internal challenge to figure out, that’s for sure!”

Consensus decision-making can also be seen as ‘anyone can veto a good idea’ management. I think you end up with what is essentially the lowest common idea, which minimizes risk but also waters down creativity and eliminates forward thinking. It would seem that any new ideas would have to be sold to each person to get their buy-in so it could pass the consensus agreement requirement.

Sometimes, corporations and departments or smaller groups in those corporations just need to break out and do something controversial or completely different. Shake things up. In a way, until they do, they won’t realize radically new products and new markets.



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