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Computer electronics and lightning don’t mix! March 12, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Family, Technology.

Yesterday, all was well. I went to my brother’s home where we had a little family reunion. Present were my family, my brother’s family, my parents, and my wife’s mom. Since we grew up in Japan, my family considers Japanese food as ‘home cooking.’ My brother made curry rice, which is a family favorite. Yum, yum!

Anyway, I didn’t have a lot of time to get on the Internet or post anything yesterday, so I waited until today. Early this morning, there was a very strong electrical storm that must have done some damage because nothing worked when I went to get on the Internet. The cable modem wasn’t working, the little 4-port hub wasn’t working, and our networked laser printer wasn’t responding. I discovered all of this after getting home this afternoon. So, this evening I went out and purchased a new 4-port Ethernet switch, and a new cable modem.

Now, I’ve got my new LinkSys cable modem installed and I’m back on the Internet. My new 4-port switch is functioning (it was really cheap – only $9), so I can connect the wireless access point to the cable modem and my two printers (an HP inkjet and a Samsung laser). Fortunately, my wireless access point (an Apple Airport) was still working. In fact, that was about the only thing working.

In a comical twist of fate, once I got my equipment working and connected to the Internet I went to post something on my blog, but the WordPress server was down. So, I waited patiently until everything was working again at WordPress.com. Obviously, it was eventually fixed and I was able to submit this post.

Oh, did I mention that I lost a phone and answering machine, too? Yup, I’ve got some more shopping to do.



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