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Looking for a high-tech watch? March 4, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Technology.

Now, this is realy cool! According to FreeQ’s blog, Seiko has started demonstrating a Bluetooth digital watch.

The Seiko CPC TR-006 Bluetooth watch allows you to receive text from a Bluetooth enabled cell phone, so you can see who’s calling even if your cell phone is in your pocket or your gym bag. With a Bluetooth headset, you won’t even need to reach for your phone to answer it.

Seiko says they hope to have this product to market by the end of 2006 or early 2007.



1. DrBacchus - March 5, 2006

I’ve been very disappointed with bluetooth, a technology that has promised the world and has delivered a few, hard to get, expensive devices that don’t really do anything exciting. This kind of gizmo is, in itself, not very interesting to me, except that it seems to be part of a growing interest in making bluetooth part of all devices, which was part of the original promise. I look forward to a time when all of my devices – my PDA, phone, laptop, desktop, GPS, and toaster – all can talk to each other via some wireless protocol. Somehow, I think that’s still quite a ways away, just because everyone wants their own “standard.” I wonder, even with this watch device, if it will only work with certain bluetooth phones, with certain extra-cost subscription services.

2. Pedro Pinheiro - March 5, 2006

DrBacchus, my experience with bluetooth has been a mixed one. With my iBook and my phone (Nokia 6630) it works really well. I synchronize both the contacts and the datebook, which is great (and the Mac synchronizes the data to the iPod, which is handy in case you need some phone number if for example your phone’s battery is dead), and I can also access the internet with the Mac through the phone, either with GPRS (about the same as a v.90 modem), or 3G (low end broadband, 384/64kbit max). On the other hand, my experience with bluetooth headsets hasn’t been good. Even using a Nokia headset sometimes I can’t answer a call, which is really annoying. As I know commute by motorcycle, a working bluetooth headset (helmet? :-)) would be great. There are models, but they’re too expensive for me to try and end up not liking it.

3. matsu - March 5, 2006

It is more than a little strange that Bluetooth, which has been around for at least five years, is still very expensive. I thought that when it became standard or more common in technology that the price would come down, a lot. That hasn’t really happened.

If not Bluetooth, then what other wireless protocol is there for personal area networks? Maybe we should go back to IR technology.

4. Chris J. Davis - March 12, 2006

I think we should all just purchase and train spider monkeys to perform these tasks.

Monkeys are funny.

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