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Interactive TV through Internet technology March 4, 2006

Posted by Matsu in Random, Technology.

A&E Channel’s show called Cold Case Files has taken their reports on cold cases that are solved to the next level. This evening’s episode talked about how handwriting samples help police find and convict a killer. The show said that if you want to see and compare the handwriting samples, go to their web site.

In the NBC television show Crossing Jordan one of the forensics investigators, Nigel, has a blog on the show, which is mentioned several times on different episodes. The funny thing is the producers of the show have in fact went out and created Nigel’s blog site (www.nigelblog.com) last year. You can read about it, here. On it, he posted news about the cases and they provided fictional evidence from the show’s episodes. At the end of the season they took the blog site down, but you can still see it through Google’s cached pages. NBC got such a good response from Nigel’s blog that they also made blogs for other shows, such as Will & Grace.

That kind of mixing of television programming and Internet technology allows the audience to get more information and get more involved in the shows. And, gaining access to police evidence from unsolved crimes could in fact be the next step for the show America’s Most Wanted. After all, the more people looking at the evidence the greater the chances of solving the crime.



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